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Authoritarian Collectivists by any name

Democrat and National Socialist and Fascist Parties are the same thing.

When someone on the #CollectivistLeft (generally Democrats) call conservatives “Nazi” (or “fascist”) ask them about one or more of these…

  1. First you must realize that both ideologies are collectivist authoritarian at their core. You can’t achieve their utopia without coercion.
  2. Racial and ethnic division, a central component of Democrat/Hitlerite ideologies. Both are obsessed with Race.
  3. Both Nozzies (Churchill said it that way) both rely on street riots, property damage and gratuitous violence, utilizing their militant activists to intimidate and silence their opponents while blaming others for the violence.
  4. Both used a pretext (Reichstag Fire, January 6th Capitol Protest) to arrest and harshly prosecute those in attendance or falsely blamed in order to intimidate their political enemies.
  5. Both rely on antisemitism to further their #Authoritarian agendas. Democrats are historically antisemitic, and their hatred of Israel is an extension of that.
  6. Both are actively and consciously fixated on censorship and eliminating any cultural institution, publication or speech that did not fully support them.
  7. Both actively pursued taking over education institutions in order to replace education with ideological indoctrination.
  8. Both believe and legislate for the government to have a larger role than the family in raising children, again to indoctrinate them.
  9. Both perfected the art of indoctrinating the citizenry through propaganda and “fake news.” If you tell a lie big enough and repeat it endlessly through popular media, people begin to believe it.
  10. Each actively prey on class envy to stoke tensions and resentment, yet both assure corporate titans that, despite their rhetoric, both will actually leave them alone and award them lucrative contracts if they sustained the Party through massive financial support.
  11. Democrats and the National Socialists were/are obsessed with gun confiscation.
  12. The overarching philosophy of both is centralized *control* of the people.
  13. Far-left fascists of the both Democrat and NDASP parties see force as their ultimate means to their political power.
  14. Both are proponents of single-party systems.
  15. Each of them espouses and promotes fascism (fascism is government-controlled collectivism with a capitalist veneer)

What the American people must realize is that #Collectivist systems require authoritarian controls of the populace, through lies, indoctrination, intimidation and corrupt use of the law.  That is how the #CollectivistElites can effectively destroy YOUR #AmericanFreedom.

There are two good articles these observations were based upon:

Also read “Rules for Radicals” and “The Crowd” for additional insights into the insidious practices.