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The 7 Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins; Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride
Interesting because most, if not all, of these are CELEBRATED and embraced by many, if not most, people in our culture today. You may notice how central these can be to modern culture, *demands* upon regular people with good traditional values. Also, how society is trending more strongly for PUNISHING ALL who refuse to accept and adhere to such sin. Yes, they ARE sins. Hate the fact all you want, but these are each and all corruptions that lessen people not make them better.

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Civil Discourse Requires Reason

So many of the #Collectivist “activists” and #Politicrats positions and ideologies are built on entirely false premises and complete fantasy. Refuse to accept debate based on false premises and defiance of reality. No one needs to abuse or oppress people holding these fantastical positions of #CollectivistUtopia. No reasonable, rational person is calling for their suppression or oppression, despite their continuous repetition of such claims.

Use these tools to improve your debating and discussion. Passion is great, but emotions shouldn’t sway the thinking rational mind on debates on policy, society, politics and life. Empathy and emotion never solved a crisis. They only exacerbate them.

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A Sad Evolution

Boy Scouts was an integral and positive formative activity in my Youth and earlier adulthood. The focus was to produce good citizens and upright men through the mentorship of Men via outdoor adventures and practical skills. Boy Scouts taught sound moral values and explored them actively. Sadly they have surrendered to the current day moral corruption and narcissistic falsehoods called (incorrectly) “tolerance” and “diversity” This article is an excellent read and, I believe, important for people who still believe in #AmericanFreedom not modern divisions by artificial “identity” labeling. I’m sad that Boy Scouts can no longer live up to its own Oath and Laws. Highly recommended reading linked:
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Saving the Education of American Youth

Read this if you are interested in saving and reforming #AmericanEducation
#GovernmentEducation “is no longer largely populated by people who believe in teaching critical thinking and knowledge, people who encourage innovation and creativity by modeling those qualities in their own classrooms. Rather, it is populated with generations of teachers and “educators” who worship at the altar of the latest “approved” pedagogy, methodology, and ideology, and who work hard to keep everyone in line.”

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CPT Freedom’s Funnies

We will be sharing some humor (Cartoons and Jokes) at “CPT Freedom’s Funnies” an annex of the American Freedom Network. It is not for profit or commercial use. It is for some laughs in the face of everyone’s current angst, anxiety, anger or whatever. Humor in the face of farce. If you’re thin skinned or lacking in a sense of humor you might just skip it. We intend and want to attribute the source(s) of each item. If one is missing, please help us by providing it or notifying us.
As an old saying goes; “Laughter is the best medicine”. Feel free to comment or provide additional suggestions for humor to use.
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January 6th 2021, There was no insurrection

It wasn’t an “insurrection”. Yet I’ve heard otherwise reasonable people say such things as “I’ll help build that gallows”. Don’t propagate a LIE. It doesn’t make you a “liar” but it does show either ideological rigidity and/or ignorance of the entire story.

From a first hand witness:
“The initial step in consolidating power is to incessantly demonize as enemies of the state one’s political opponents. The second, is to isolate and delegitimize them by either staging or so exaggerating an incident that any and all steps to quash them are acceptable in order to “save the nation.””
Full Article Link:

From Julie Kelly: See the other bullet points and detailed reporting…
“1) No one has been charged with sedition or using or possessing a lethal weapon, thus, no armed insurrection. The most common charge filed against the more than 500 that have been arrested is trespassing, despite many being let into the Capitol by the police.

2) As bail was not granted, despite the minor charges and no prior convictions, numerous detainees are being held in a reopened jail in appalling third-world conditions and at times in solitary confinement subject to physical abuse. All are awaiting trials that will not happen for nearly a year.”

Full Coverage:
Including the FACT: “Meanwhile many thousands of rioters, looters and arsonists that destroyed buildings, businesses and injured police officers during the summer of 2020 have not been arrested or if arrested, the vast majority have been released or given suspended sentences.”

All rational, thinking, reasonable Americans MUST become involved, actively involved, in legal, constitutional political processes to defend and restore #AmericanFreedom


Principles of American Freedom

Who opposes these principles? “Our mission is to originate, disseminate, and advance solutions based on the principles of individual liberty, limited government, free markets, and peace.”
Any who do, don’t understand #AmericanFreedom, its origins nor the #Founders intent.
Disclosure: This is the mission statement of the Cato Institute which many “conservatives” and ALL leftists LOVE to bash. We are not members or contributors to that organization nor have we ever been.

Citizens educated in our history and the facts of our civics structures are the only way we see to promote positive change and ensure our liberties and form of government for future generations.
Happy Independence Day!!!

No Hate here

Despite the common occurrence of people who disagree trying to assign subjective emotions to others, we don’t hate anyone.   We think our American system already provides every necessary mechanism if applied constitutionally.  Equal protection before the law regardless of how a citizen “identifies”.  We are all Americans.  All lives matter.  Social challenges impact each of us regardless of any categorization.

Unity comes from embracing reality and reason today.  Speak factual truths and challenge false or unsupportable premises.  That is part of how reasonable discuss things.

Truth is hate to those who hate the truth.

We hate NO ONE.  Never have, never will.  No matter how often others project such on to us.  We love people, all people.