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Climate Happens – Humankind doesn’t change that

“Fact Checks” based on ideologies are *lies* or at best, distortions in pursuit of political agendas.
Facts are FACTS and not malleable. Only interpretations *may* vary.
On the #ChickenLittle #Collectivist panic ideologies concerning “climate change”…
• The number of strong tornadoes in the US has been decreasing for 65 years
• Northern hemisphere autumn and winter snow extents have been increasing for 50 years.
• There has been no significant increase in either the number of tropical cyclones over the last 40 years or the total energy of tropical cyclones over the last 50 years.
• The number of US forest fires has decreased significantly.
Points not discussed or considered by political ideologue panic mongers…
• Oceanic Cycles
• Albedo reflections
• Historical/Prehistoric atmospheric carbon levels
Science isn’t “settled”, it is a constant exploration of factual data for empirical #Truth
Read the facts in this heavily sourced article before you whine your opposing collectivist talking points.